A Nexus for Human Centered Design

We facilitate structured design labs to build solutions to complex social problems and help leaders manage organizational change. We tap into the brain capital of experienced innovators, corporate executives and proven social strategists to develop viable solutions and actionable strategies. We think courageously and strategically. We address problems differently and produce different results.

How We Work

Human-centered design is a proven innovation process that prioritizes action and collaboration in order to integrate the needs of people with the feasibility and viability of an idea. A human-centered approach to design develops an actionable outcome that benefits people. In order to reach this outcome we utilize the following process.


We seek to understand the people and the organization for whom we are designing a solution. The problems we are trying to solve are those of people with distinct needs and desires.


We synthesize our research, interviews and observational findings into compelling needs and insights in order to define the problem with clarity.


We develop a wide range of possible solutions or ideas related to solving the problem. We value courage and creativity in generating ideas.


We share possible solutions with the people who are most affected by the design problem. Their feedback will help us to refine the design process and develop actionable solutions.